Crete is an island of contrasts! Basically a mountainous island with peaks reaching 2.500 metres, with thousands of paths for the nature lovers ideal for walking, hiking and climbing, but, also, with golden-yellow beaches along its extensive coastline. The great diversity of natural landscape Crete offers, ranging from the high mountains to the endless beaches, from the exotic palm tree groves to the fertile plains, make the island an attractive vacation destination.

Day 1: Heraklion - Agia Pelagia 8 NM
Day 2: Agia Pelagia - Dia Island 9 NM
Day 3: Dia Island - Elounda 36 NM
Day 4: Elounda - Agios Nikolaos 12 NM
Day 5: Agios Nikolaos - Sitia 22 NM
Day 6: Sitia – Plaka/Spinalonga 21 NM
Day 7: Plaka/Spinalonga - Heraklion 34 NM
Athens / Saronic

Athens / Saronic

With archaeological sites to explore, excellent food to enjoy and the tantalising prospect of lazy days spent sunbathing aboard the yacht at a secluded anchorage; an Athens yacht charter delivers on all the requirements for a superb Greek yacht charter. With the choice of 2 distinct cruising grounds you can sail to the beautiful Saronic islands of Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetse, and enjoy ancient ruins and castles, sandy beaches, unspoiled anchorages and small fishing ports. These charming islands have something for all the crew, from Hydra, with no cars, just horses and donkeys following the narrow cobbled streets, to Poros with it’s bustling restaurants and bars and watersports, to the ancient amphitheatre at Epidavros. This route also offers smoother sailing conditions in the summer months, as it is sheltered from the strong Meltemi winds that blow in the Cyclades. The second option is to head to the Cyclades, larger Islands, each with it’s own unique character. The Cyclades is a little more adventurous sailing with longer distances and stronger winds than the Saronic gulf.

Day 1: Embark at Kalamaki Marina
Day 2: Aegina Town 17 NM
Day 3: Epidavros 15 NM
Day 4: Poros Town 22 NM
Day 5: Hydra 15 NM
Day 6: Perdika, Aegina 25 NM
Day 7: Return to Kalamaki Marina 20 NM


Corfu is the second largest island in the Ionian chain and easy to reach by plane from the UK. It’s loved by sailors for its 200km of coast and calm, clear waters that are perfect for easy, relaxed sailing, as well as offering some of the best snorkelling and swimming in Greece. When you sail in Corfu, you can trace ancient history through the island’s monuments, find charming anchorages, cruise spectacular scenery and dine at fine tavernas. Don’t forget to leave time to explore the attractive, Italian-style Corfu Town with its fine squares and atmospheric neighbourhoods. Make sure you take in the impressive panorama view over the town and coast from the old fortress.

Day 1: Embark at Gouvia Marina
Day 2: Mourtos 22 NM
Day 3: Parga 11 NM
Day 4: Paxos 13 NM
Day 5: Petriti 19 NM
Day 6: Sagiada 14 NM
Day 7: Back to Gouvia Marina 10 NM


The Cyclades islands are the most well-known of the Greek Islands. The Cyclades are islands of contrast, from the lively nightlife of Mykonos to the natural beauty and architectural style of Santorini, to the cosmopolitan islands of Paros and Naxos, and the unspoiled smaller ports and anchorages of Irakllia and Koufonisia, with each island having it’s own very unique feel and character. The Cyclades islands are further apart than the islands in the other cruising grounds in Greece and seeing them all can involve some longer days sailing. In the summer months the Meltemi wind can blow from the north making this an area best suited to the more experienced or adventurous sailors.

Day 1: Santorini/Ios 26 NM
Day 2: Ios/Iraklia 18 NM
Day 3: Iraklia/Koufonisia 10 NM
Day 4: Koufonisia/Amorgos 14 NM
Day 5: Amorgos/Schinousa 20 NM
Day 6: Schinousa/Folegandors 32 NM
Day 7: Folegandors/Santorini 30 NM


The island of Rhodes, shaped like the head of a spear at one time was home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – the Colossus of Rhodes – until an earthquake in 226 BC brought down these great symbols of wealth. This unique sailing area lies just off the coast of Turkey and is home to some of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Discover Simi’s picturesque harbour, the famous monastery of St. John on Patmos, the dormant volcano on Niseros, Kalimnos, home of the sponge divers, and Samos, once home to Pythagoras, where the main town is named in his honour. The longer passages and weather conditions make this the perfect holiday for those seeking exhilarating sailing.

Day 1: Marina Mandraki, Rhodos
Day 2: Simi 23 NM
Day 3: Palos, Nisiros Island 32 NM
Day 4: Kos Island 21 NM
Day 5: Tilos Island 35 NM
Day 6: Chalki Island 4 NM
Day 7: Marina Mandraki 37 NM


The islands have been inhabited as far back as the Bronze Age. The mixture of different civilizations and cultures is harmoniously welded together into one piece that is undoubtedly Greek, in a complex of islands where the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean can be explored. With stunning scenery, protected waters, shorter passages and lighter winds, you are sure to enjoy a relaxed sailing holiday. From Corfu visit the beautiful islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos with their pretty fishing villages and waterside tavernas. From Lefkas explore the southern Ionian including arguably the prettiest harbour in the Ionian at Fiskardo on Cephalonia, Meganissi, Ithaca and the Onassis owned private island of Skorpios.

Day 1: Embark at Gouvia Marina
Day 2: Plataria 18 NM
Day 3: Sivota 24 NM
Day 4: Lakka, Paxos 18 NM
Day 5: Anti-Paxos 14 NM
Day 6: Petriti, Corfu 14 NM
Day 7: Return to Gouvia Marina 15 NM


Lefkas is just about classed as an island even though it’s connected to the mainland by a floating bridge. Named after its famous white rocks that line the coastline, Lefkas is a fantastic gateway for a yacht charter in the Ionian Islands. The islands’ capital, Lefkas Town features vibrant, painted houses, Venetian architecture and a main square lined with cafes and tavernas. The harbour is also a lively place to chat to the locals and enjoy a beer or cocktail. The best beaches on Lefkas are on the east coast with calm, sheltered waters and large bays, although Porto Katsiki in the south-west is worth a visit.

Day 1: Embark at Lefkas Town
Day 2: Lakka, Paxos 6 NM
Day 3: Mandraki, Corfu
Day 4: Mourtos
Day 5: Parga 13 NM
Day 6: Paxos 13 NM
Day 7: Return to Lefkas Town 36 NM


Four major islands make up the Sporades in the Aegean Sea: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skyros. Skiathos is known for its castles; its rocks damaged King Xerxes’ ship in the Persian Wars. It is a forested island, with many inlets and beaches and is the home habitat of the Mediterranean Monk seal. Enjoy the beach at Koukounaries or, for the daring, the famous nudist Banana beach. Sail to the small ports and unspoiled bays on the Gulf of Volos. Venture further north the Mount Athos, home to medieval monasteries, or relax shore side at the modern marina in Porto Carras. Skiathos shot to fame in recent years when it acted as the set for the movie “Mamma Mia.”

Day 1: Arrive in Marina Skiathos
Day 2: Skopelos Island (20 NM)
Day 3: Linaria (Skiros Island) 42 NM
Day 4: Paignio (Panagia Island) 40 NM
Day 5: Patitiri (Alonissos Island) 13 NM
Day 6: Koukounaries (Skiathos Island) 25 NM
Day 7: Marina Skiathos 6 NM
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